1. Dashboard Manager

Managers can regulate and sort the main dashboard from tools / dashboard managers through drag and drop technique. To save changes, click on save icon on the top middle of the interface.

2. Backup

  • Create backup: Creates a new backup file
  • Download/upload backup: Options to download/upload a backup file.
  • Restore: Select this option to restore the system database from backup file.
  • Delete: To delete a backup file select file name then delete.

3. Widget Factory

Provides a wide range of design changes for every dashboard widgets and preview to check their final look before saving. All dashboard widgets are clickable.

4. System Services

You can connect/disconnect or stop,start and restart the following services activities:

  • Remote Access Tunnel: Allows remote access to the server from outside when server is behind firewall.
  • FreeRadius: RADIUS server.
  • SAS Poller: Cleans idle user sessions.
  • Traffic Monitor: Monitors users traffic.
  • SAS Track: Tracks and logs connections established from/to users.
  • Policy Manager: Changes users speed/state based on consumed traffic and/or time of the day.
  • Cards Generator: Generates all kinds of cards.
  • Update Manager: Checks new updates and install them.
  • Mail Poller: Processes mail queue.
  • Crontab Service: Jobs scheduler.
  • Users Disconnect Daemon: Disconnects users when requested to do so.
  • SMS Service: Sends SMS notifications.

5. System Update

Click on “Check Now” at the top right corner to check if your system is up to date.

6. System Maintenance

4 main system maintenance are listed here where you can shutdown or reboot Power, logout managers, import SAS3 database, clear traffic accounting table and delete expired users.

7. Announcements

A fastest way to send an announcement to a group of selected users (active or expired) via Email, SMS or Telegram.

8. Import Data

Importing users or managers data from Excel Sheet File.

9. Bulk Changes

To perform a bulk of changes at once, select an attribute, value and symbols specifying date range, select action then apply.

10. Bandwidth Controller

To control over each profile speed, move sliders accordingly, then save changes.