Card system

1. Cards System Index

SAS4 supports generating two types of cards:

  • Refill Cards: This type of card holds a specific amount of money and used to top-up user’s balance from the user control panel. The balance can be spent later by the user to activate his/her account or pay due invoices.
  • Prepaid Users: This card holds username & password and acts as a regular user. The username & password can be used to login via hotspot, PPPoE or any other means.

For both types, it is possible to export/suspend/release series. A card series is a group of cards generated together, think of it as a batch. SAS4 also comes with a drag & drop card designer, used to design custom card templates to be downloaded as a PDF file.

2. Cards System Action

From Actions tab you can perform the following tasks:

  • Generate:
  • Verify: It shows each card information which can be searched by PIN or serial number.
  • Jobs Queue: Go to cards / jobs, select card, click on ‘Actions’ in the top right where you can monitor. continue or cancel card generation processes .
  • List: Shows all cards from the selected series. Use the list-icon located on the top-right of the table to show or hide columns.
  • Download (CSV): Downloads series as CSV file.
  • Download (PDF): Downloads series as a PDF file. On preview page, once you select the DesignTemplate choose Show Cutting Marks toggle and Size Ratio option on Properties to display potential numbers of cards on a single page.
  • Suspend: Temporarily disables cards series from being used.
  • Release: Re-enables a suspended series.
  • Delete: Deletes selected series.
  • Card Design:

3. Cards Generate

Shows the cards generator form with the following details:

  • Type: card type, either ‘refill’ or ‘prepaid user’.
  • Username Size (Prepaid User): Length of the generated random usernames.
  • Password Size (Prepaid User): Length of the generated random passwords.
  • MAC Login (Prepaid User): This option is useful for hotspot clients. When enabled, client will enter his username & password in the hotspot captive portal page. Then SAS4 will obtain the client MAC address and register it as a username. Next time when login is required, the user will get logged in automatically, assuming using the same device.
  • Simultaneous Sessions (Prepaid User): number of concurrent connections allowed for this user.
  • Password = Username (Prepaid User): When enabled, the system will generate identical usernames and passwords. Useful when using single login code for authentication.
  • Owner: Select the owner of the generated cards. The selected manager will be able to list these cards from his account.
  • Quantity: number of cards to be generated in this series (batch).
  • Value: card value in your system currency, if it is a ‘Refill’ card, then its value will be added to the user account when redeeming the card. It doesn’t affect ‘Prepaid User’ type in anything.
  • Expiration: date after which the card will be useless.
  • Prefix: characters or numbers to be added prior to the random card PIN number.
  • PIN Size (refill cards): size of PIN text, in characters.
  • Auto Activate: If enabled, the user account will get activated automatically when redeeming the card. So no need to ‘purchase service’ after redemption, it can all happen in one step. Profile box shows up for activation if ‘Auto Activate’ is selected .
  • Profile: In refill cards, users will get switched to the profile if Auto Activate is ‘ON’. For ‘Prepaid User’ cards, user profile type has to be selected on first card usage.
  • Owner: Select the owner of the generated cards. The selected manager will be able to list these cards from his account

4. Cards Printer

On the preview page, select the DesignTemplate, on Properties choose Show Cutting Marks toggle and Size Ratio option to display potential numbers of cards on a single page then download for printing.

5. Cards Designer

Cards designer is a drag & drop tool for creating custom card designs. These designs can be used later to download the entire series as a PDF file. Once you are done with the design, save it, then try it by downloading a card series using the newly created design. The height and width utilities appear as soon as you click on card designer on the Properties tab. To upload a background image you can use Select File. Public Design is an option for a designer to make the image publicly seen. Tools in Cards Designer can be reviewed in cards / generator.